Vanquishing Voles, Moles and Other Diggers

Want to keep digging mammals out of your garden? Lace small onions or onion seeds (to grow onions) in with the plants you plant. Any mammal that spends its life underground has an acute sense of smell. If you think onion makes you tear up, imagine what it would do if your sense of smell were many times what it currently is.

Another trick, … if you have vole or mole hills showing up in your yard, take a shovel full of dirt out of the hole. Then drop a nice smelly onion that you’ve quartered into the hole and replace the dirt. You just made that area unusable for the critter.

I am told that garlic also works, but haven’t tried garlic myself.

Faith, Seed, and Soil

“The Lord will not himself plough our grounds, sow our grain, and reap it when it is ripe….

“Then let us go forth in faith and plant seed in the ground, and cultivate mother earth and pray over the earth and over our crops and over all we possess, and the curse will be removed, and God will restore geniality to the atmosphere and fertility to the soil.”

-Brigham Young
Oct. 6, 1862

Permaculture 101

If God gave us the Garden of Eden, we’d spray it with Roundup and plant blue grass.

I jest, … sort of. How many Latter-day Saints have sprayed those pesky dandelions in their lawn with poison on a Saturday morning, and then Saturday night went out to a fancy restaurant and ate a salad made from dandelion greens? So, I speak lightly only of the part that isn’t true.

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